Psychotherapeutic Services

Cost of Services

We are a fee-for-service organization. Although we are not In-Network with any major insurance companies, we are able to provide our clients with an Insurance Superbill so that clients may personally attempt to obtain direct reimbursement. Providers at DRWRPS offer services at unique fees dependent upon their years of experience and credentialing.
Fees for individual and family therapy range from $100-$150. Additionally, practitioners at DRWRPS complete an initial 90-minute evaluative assessment, which is a one-time higher fee. Our rates are all-inclusive, we do not charge for in-between session coaching and collaboration.

Internship Program

Dr. Robyn is committed to teaching and supporting new therapists, and/or therapists-to-be. Though this is not an offering that is always available when Dr. Robyn does have Therapist-In-Training Interns (TITI), the practice is able and willing to provide services for free, or an educational donation* if the human receiving services is able. Most commonly we have interns Fall through Spring, aligning with an academic calendar, however, this is varied. Please contact Dr. Robyn, CEO at or 262-352-9922 for more information regarding our Internship Program.

Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards, PhD, MSW, LCSW, CEDSS

$150 60-minute psychotherapy

$225 90-minute psychotherapy

$250 Initial Evaluative Assessment

Shelbie Sullivan, MS, MA, NCC, LPC

$125 60-minute psychotherapy

$175 90-minute psychotherapy

$200 Initial Evaluative Assessment

AnnaMarie Seminary, MSW

$100 60-minute psychotherapy

$150 90-minute psychotherapy

$175 Initial Evaluation

Group Therapy

$40 for group therapy ranging from 45-60 minutes

$50 for group therapy ranging from 75-90 minutes

Free Initial Consultation


*Education Donation. If inclined, we accept education donations for our active interns, which supports their education through a formal 20-hour, DBT-training.

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