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Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is a commitment between the human being sitting on the couch and the professional sitting across from them. Once someone decides to embark upon their journey of self-discovery, personal development, and healing through psychotherapy, a trusting and authentic relationship will be the foundation of growth. Individual psychotherapy at DRWRPS may range between 30-90 minutes. The length of session is determined in partnership between the client and therapist based on need, preference, and schedule. As well, our therapists will make recommendations specific to session frequency and interim session assignments based upon clinical assessment and an individualized treatment plan. 

Group Therapy

At DRWRPS, we believe that peer connection and a sense of common humanity fosters growth and healing. It is our commitment to create a comfortable yet challenging space for all members of group therapy. Groupwork at DRWRPS is artistically facilitated with creativity, authenticity and integrity keeping in line with the core values of the Practice. Within the walls of our group space, one might experience a skills group rooted in DBT and CBT strategies focused on living a more quality-driven life, or possibly a more introspective group on Self-Compassion. Historically the practitioners at DRWRPS have offered myriad groups, also including parental and loved-one’s support groups and process-oriented psychotherapy groups. Groups may range from 45 to 90 minutes based on the content and purpose of the group, as well as age-range.

Currently at DRWRPS, we are consistently offering process-oriented psychotherapy groups for young adults and adolescents. Throughout 2024 we will be launching integrative life-skills groups for adolescents and adults, as well as a variety of mental health and self-care workshops!


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Family Therapy

At DRWRPS we recognize that the healing journey looks different for every individual. Family therapy is an integral part of the equation, for many human beings – young and old. Clinicians will invite family sessions if, and when, that need is assessed, and therapeutic benefit is calculated. Our therapists seamlessly integrate family therapy into the primary modality of individual therapy, when dictated.

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