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How It All Began…

Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards Psychotherapeutic Services was established in the Spring of 2019. Throughout her professional career, Dr. Robyn has dedicated herself to the bettering of the human experience. After achieving her Masters of Social Work in 2004 at Loyola University Chicago she dedicated her clinical path to helping, supporting, and advocating for human beings battling eating disorders. This was why she entered the field of clinical social work, and she never once took her eyes off that goal. She completed her Ph.D. in 2012, publishing her clinical research on the effectiveness of residential treatment for humans battling eating disorders shortly thereafter. All the while following her chosen path of eating disorder treatment and awareness through clinical and leadership positions at hospitals and clinics across the US.

Ultimately, Dr. Robyn was stopped in her tracks when simultaneously she battled for her life against Breast Cancer (and won!!) while in tandem experiencing a corporate shutdown of a start-up eating disorder treatment center for which she had served as the Executive Director.

During that treacherous time, Dr. Robyn became intimately aware of her own core Values (Integrity, Authenticity, Family, Health, and Mindfulness) and the limitations life has when you are not living in alignment with these. It was a true turning point for Dr. Robyn, professionally and personally.  Thus, DRWRPS was launched! Her clinical practice, founded and built with Integrity, Authenticity, Creativity, Peace, Mindfulness, and Loving Kindness is now the cornerstone of Dr. Robyn’s personal and professional livelihood.

“It is my intention to offer human beings a space to feel heard, to be seen, and to share space with someone who desires to understand their experience,” Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards

At DRWRPS therapists provide exceptional therapeutic services to all ages.  Dr. Robyn has committed herself to growing her team with intention so that all practitioners at DRWRPS share the same vision and values upon which the practice was founded and, understand the importance of living in alignment. With her heart for training and teaching, Dr. Robyn invites curious therapists desiring to learn how to provide psychotherapy with honesty, integrity, and vulnerability to join her team and grow.  She has mentored many clinical interns, who have grown into full-time staff members, and feels an overflowing amount of pride in watching humans, young and old, improve upon their lives with the support of her team.

Clinical areas of expertise found at DRWRPS include the assessment and treatment of eating disorders and co-occurring mental and emotional health suffering, the care and treatment of Veterans and their family members, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety.  Clinicians at DRWRPS provide clinical services to human beings ages five (5) and up, through all developmental stages of life.

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